The 3 basic pillars for your activity or business on the Internet


The 3 basic pillars for your activity or business on the Internet

Today almost any initiative involves taking the natural step to develop the presence of the activity or business on the internet, starting with the Clear Website!, The showcase that is maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a small price , ridiculously lower than any salary or establishment.

However, as we already know this is not enough, the visits do not come alone, you have to claim the attention of the public in some way. Although this is evident, without going into details we want to clarify the basic elements that should be available as a resource, and that are part of the three fundamental pillars to cement the online presence, which will serve as a basis to subsequently implement other strategies.

The website

It is essential to have a modern and functional website, created with current technologies, which allows the incorporation and expansion with new accessories. You can try to develop it yourself, but if you do not have the knowledge to do it for good purposes, it is best to order it in specialized studies, in most cases you will save time and money.

In the case of an online store, it is necessary to differentiate between the option of making it from scratch, or of assessing the possibilities of using platforms with pre-designed structures for this purpose.

An integrated blog section, especially on websites that offer services or others whose objective is to promote the personal brand, is essential to publish news articles, promotions and events related to the activity or the sector, knowledge, etc … providing the possibility to share and link them from other online media and social networks.

You can start by hiring basic hosting plans, to scale according to the needs or requirements of the site, among the types of hosting you can choose different capacities and configurations, if you do not know the technical aspects, it is better to also leave this task in professional hands, or with reputable providers of this type of service.

Content inspired by the theme

It is important to use content on the subject, oriented towards conversion.

Multimedia content

Users must place their trust in the fact that the services or products offered are reliable, and at the same time are backed by a serious company or professional, the contents such as texts, photographs, infographics and videos contribute a lot in this sense to explain and clarify concepts to win over the public, this is called attraction marketing.

It is important to distribute the different content among the appropriate sections or menus, offering a good user experience and also that these highlight enough arguments for the potential customer to show their interest, carefully organized so that they can be accessed easily.

The website must be alive, renewing and updating the pages that compose it with new content on a regular basis, to retain the visitors who arrive, and in turn these should be varied and different to create the need to repeat them, with sufficient periodicity as if to always attract more followers. All this will have a direct and beneficial relationship when building online marketing plans.
Interactivity in social networks

Interaction with the target audience on Social Networks is essential.

Profiles, accounts or pages in Social Networks

You need a story that supports you, the most difficult aspect to achieve until recently for any activity, is available to anyone today virtually, through Social Networks.

Your presence in them may have a “0 cost”, investing only time to interact, link or publish content, but it is also true that time passes and you have to look at productivity, so it may be a good decision to start as soon as possible, or to put dates to meet objectives regarding the quantity and quality of publications, as well as delegate to third parties to manage said networks, depending on the volume of business or responsibilities related to the activity.

You must create profiles in some of them, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest among the most prominent, as many as you can attend, starting with making a selection among those most related to the way in which it is most interesting to promote or link the content of your website, and the number of users that make up them as a whole, or the number of users in the certain groups and communities that are part of them, always inspired by the themes between which you are interested in interacting to attract customers.

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