3 signs that you are dating the wrong person


3 signs that you are dating the wrong person

If you have found yourself wondering if you are finally dating the wrong man, then maybe the answer is yes. The fact that you are wondering is one of the signs that something is wrong! Escorts Athens tell us the 3 signs that show you are dating the wrong person.

But why go out with the wrong guy and still be with him? Love changes the chemistry of our brain. That is why it provokes a corresponding response with the use of drugs or alcohol. That is why it is sometimes difficult to see clearly and decide to admit that this relationship does not go any further and take the next step.

1. You put your relationship above everything else

People who are in dysfunctional relationships often lose their sense of self. If you feel that you are constantly trying to please your partner and do what he wants as if you do not have your own opinion. It may mean that you are afraid to be yourself or to discover who you really are.

2. You live in a relationship full of drama and chaos

We all have a trend in drama, in a romance novel or in a movie or even in our Facebook feeds, but when tensions and exaggerations are constantly present in your relationship, then something is probably wrong.

Ask yourself if you could have a good time with your loved one staying home one night to watch a movie. This is the image of a “normal” couple who can coexist and fill their time with simple and everyday things. If this does not happen to you, you may want to ask yourself why.

3. You are attracted to emotionally unavailable people

This is a trap into which many women fall. The reason is that rejection terrifies us, so we look for people we know we can not have.

The solution would be to gather all your willpower and confidence and end the relationship that has no future. And when you are faced with the next relationship, keep in mind that rejection is part of the “game” of relationships and the fear of what might happen can not determine your choices.

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